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Our Rent to Rent Deal Analyser is an incredibly detailed financial model which can help you assess whether a Rent to Rent deal will work for YOU.

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What is a Rent to Rent Deal Analyser?

A Rent to Rent Deal analyser is an excel spreadsheet which can be used to analyse a Rent to Rent deal from a financial perspective.

Why use a Rent to Rent Deal Analyser?

Once income and expenses have been inputted, the Rent to Rent deal analyser will provide you with a series of key financial metrics to aid your decision making. These metrics include including Net Cashflow, Contract Profitability, Breakeven Occupancy and Payback period.

Once calculated, these metrics will allow you to make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with the deal.

Benefits of Rent to Rent Deal Analyser

Our Rent to Rent Deal Analyser can support you in capturing all the costs and income, helping you to:

✅Independently assess whether a deal works

✅Feel confident that all costs have been included

✅Analyse deals in a consistent and timely fashion

✅Built using Microsoft Excel to ensure quick and easy implementation.

One of the main reasons that Rent to Rent deal analysers are so popular is because they are extremely easy to use. They do not require any form of programming skill whatsoever, so anyone can get started with it right away.

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Rent to rent deal analyser
Rent to rent deal analyser

  1. Having worked with excel-based spreadsheets for over 14 years, one of the biggest risks is that the formulas get accidentally overwritten.  To manage this and other risks, the tool is locked and cannot be altered by you.  This is to ensure that the deal analyser continues to work accurately for you over the long term. 

  2. This product is designed for use with Microsoft Excel ONLY.

  3. The user should have some hands-on Microsoft Excel experience, ideally a minimum of 5 hours.

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