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In property investing you have to kiss a lot of toads before you meet a handsome prince.
— Peter D Doherty

A successful property business depends upon high quality, property deal analysis. Multiple opportunities will need to be evaluated before a worthwhile property deal jumps out at you.  It can be time consuming.  Again and again you will question yourself as to whether ALL the revenue and cost items have been correctly captured. 

If you are interested in property, then you will know that property deal analysers are extremely useful tools. This article aims to provide all of the information that you could possibly need or want to know about property deal analysers, as well as the deal analysis tools you need to succeed.

Property Deal Analyser - What Is It?

A Property Deal Analyser is an excel spreadsheet which can be used to analyse a property deal from a financial perspective. 

Property Deal Analysers are simply Excel spreadsheets which have tailored calculations built into them. The Property Deal Analyser processes the deal and market information entered by property investors to tell them how profitable their property investments are, what Return on Investment (ROI) they should achieve on their investment and so on. 

These Property Deal Analysers can be found for different market segments. Typically the property investor will customise the inputs for the specific deal and the results generated form a major component of the deal analysis and decision making process. 

There is usually a one time purchase cost associated with these spreadsheets, but after this fee is paid, the Property Deal Analyser is yours to use. 

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Benefits of Property Deal Analysers

There are several reasons to use Property Deal Analyser in your property business:

  1. Property deal analysers can be a great idea if you want to improve your property analysis. If you have been doing property deals for some time, then property deal analysers will allow you to streamline this process and perform many high quality deal analyse in a shorter space of time.

  2. One of the main reasons property deal analysers are so popular is because they are extremely easy to use. They do not require any form of programming skill whatsoever, so anyone can get started with it right away. All you need is the spreadsheet file that the property deal analyser comes with.

  3. Investing in property property can be profitable, but sometimes property investors are not able to figure out how they are being most profitable with their property dealings. This is where property deal analysers assist. They show you which method of property investing works best for your situation.

  4. You can try out property deal analysers without spending a lot of money, as property deal analysis spreadsheets are generally available for a small cost. Being able to choose from property deal analysers which have been created with different property markets and property types in mind will also allow you to use the property analysis tools that best suit your property needs.

  5. If you do not feel confident with these different property terms and property concepts, then property deal analysers will help you to understand property investment even more.

  6. Over time, you can also use property deal analysers to improve your property analysis, so these property deal analysis spreadsheet are perfect for property investors looking to increase their profits.

If property investors do not have a Property Deal Analyser, it may be time for them to consider purchasing one. They are an extremely useful tool that professional property investors simply cannot live without.

Our Property Deal Analysis Spreadsheets can support you in capturing all the costs and income, helping you to:

✅Independently assess whether a deal works

✅Feel confident that all costs have been included

✅Analyse deals in a consistent and timely fashion

✅Built using Microsoft Excel to ensure quick and easy implementation.

Property Deal Analysers [Microsoft Excel]

rent to rent deal analyser 1 rent to rent deal analyser 2
Quick View
Rent to Rent Deal Analyser | Property Investment Spreadsheet
Sale Price:£20.00 Original Price:£45.00
HMO deal analyser 1 HMO deal analyser 2
Quick View
HMO Deal Analyser | Property Investment Spreadsheet
Sale Price:£20.00 Original Price:£50.00
serviced accommodation deal analyser serviced accommodation deal analyser
Quick View
Serviced Accommodation Deal Analyser | Property Spreadsheet
Sale Price:£20.00 Original Price:£60.00
Bridging loan calculator 1.png Bridging loan calculator 2.png
Quick View
Bridging Loan Calculator | Calculate Effective Interest Rate
Sale Price:£20.00 Original Price:£45.00