BTL stamp duty calculator

Stamp Duty

For your convenience, we have added a BTL stamp duty calculator. This helpful tool is provided by

Disclaimer: whilst we believe it to be correct, the Property Investor Academy does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculations.

Peter D Doherty

Peter D Doherty is the founder of the Property Investor Academy.

A Masters graduate in accounting and finance from Dublin City University, Pete worked in the City of London for 14 years. He held senior finance roles (Financial Controller) in several substantial UK commercial banks. He is a graduate of Macquarie University.

With over 10 years property investing experience, he is the owner of a London based lettings agency as well as proptech consultancy. He regularly contributes to online landlord forums such as Propertytribes and Reddit.  Peter is a member of National Residential Landlords Association (“NRLA”).

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