The 17 Best UK Property Websites: Your Definitive Guide

Whether you’re looking for a property website with investment forums and property data or a site marketing rental properties and providing property valuations, there are a number of UK property websites to help you. Here’s our comprehensive guide to the best UK property websites for property investors.

Best Property Investor Forum Visit Property Forum
Visit LandlordZONE
Visit PropertyTribes
Visit PropertyHub
Visit Reddit
Best Website For Advertising HMO rooms Visit SpareRoom
Visit Gumtree
Visit Facebook
Best Website for Advertising Rental Property Visit Rightmove
Visit Zoopla
Visit OpenRent
Best UK Property Valuation Website Visit AccuVal
Visit Zoopla
Visit OnTheMarket
Best Website for UK Property Market Data Visit plumplot
Visit PropertyData
Visit HM Land Registry

 Best Property Investor Forum

People use forums to find and share information. And many property investors use these to discuss a number of topics in the industry and to also ask questions and look for advice and recommendations. This can help you make decisions about your property investment portfolio.

To get hands-on information from others in the industry, take a look at active property investor forums. Here are a few of the best property investor forums, so you can get tips from those in the industry. Start joining the discussion!

1. Property Forum (

Screenshot from Property Forum website.

Image source: Property Forum

As a comprehensive property investment forum, Property Forum has a network of more than 65,000 investors, landlords and other professionals in the industry. There are specific forums for every continent, excluding Antarctica. You must register to be able to look at the forum discussions, but it’s free to use.

2. LandlordZONE  (

Screenshot from Landlordzone website.

Image source: LandlordZONE

LandlordZONE is one of the leading websites for landlords and property investors. There are a number of discussion forums covering relevant topics in the rental industry, including finance and investment, insurance, tax, planning and development and specific types of property investment. You may need to register on the website before you can post in the forums.

3. PropertyTribes (

Screenshot from PropertyTribes website.

Image source: PropertyTribes

With a wide range of different forums in the property industry, PropertyTribes have a number of relevant forums for property investors. It’s become one of the most engaged sites for UK landlords and property investors and is free to use. To be able to comment and ask questions, you just need to create an account on their site. Users can also follow certain forums, so they can keep up with any discussions on a particular topic4. .

4. PropertyHub  (

Screenshot from PropertyHub website.

Image source: PropertyHub

From the team that runs the Property Podcast, the Property Hub is a community of property investors. There are forums for investors seeking advice in a range of areas, including mortgage, insurance, legal, tenant and tax advice. There are also areas where you can share investment stories. Again, you just have to create an account to be able to post comments.

5. Reddit ( 

Reddit is an online forum that cover a plethora of topics. Discussion on Reddit related to property investment can be found at r/UKPropertyInvestor. This is a great place to find answers to any of your questions and what other investors are discussing.

Best Website for Viewing Buy To Let Properties

There are websites dedicated to the buying and selling of buy-to-let properties. Some specialise in properties that have tenants in situ, which means the property will be sold with tenants in place. Here’s the best website for viewing buy-to-let properties.

6. Vesta Property (

Screenshot from Vesta Property website.

Image source: Vesta Property

Vesta Property is a marketplace for buying and selling rental property. With a pipeline of more than 4,000 properties, the website specialises in buy-to-lets, HMOs, purpose built student accommodation , blocks and portfolios. The majority of the properties sold on the site are with tenants in place. The site also provides a range of data points to help you make more informed decisions on the properties you’re interested in buying.

Best Website for Advertising HMO Rooms

There are a number of websites that allow investors to market rooms in HMO properties. These sites make it easier for you to reach prospective tenants who are looking for a room in a house share.

7. SpareRoom  (

Screenshot from Spareroom website.

Image source: SpareRoom

As the UK’s top flat and house share site, SpareRoom has more than six million users. On this website, there are free and paid for ads available, so you can advertise rooms to let in a house share. This platform is a top choice for many HMO property investors.

8. Gumtree (

Screenshot from Gumtree website.

Image source: Gumtree

Gumtree was the first classifieds platform online in the UK that was free to use. Many property investors use this site to market HMO rooms that are available to rent. It’s free to post an ad on the site, but there are paid for ad packages to increase the exposure of your listings.

9. Facebook Marketplace (

Social media can be an effective way to market rental vacancies, particularly HMO rooms. Investors can market available rooms on Facebook Marketplace and local community groups that allow these kinds of posts. This is a free method of marketing and can provide a way to reach a high number of people in a specific location.

Best Website for Advertising Rental Property

There are a number of websites where property investors can market single let properties for rent to prospective tenants. Investing in the right forms of marketing can allow you to rent your property out sooner. Here are some of the best property websites in the UK for marketing single let properties.

10. Rightmove (

11. Zoopla (

For many, the first place they start looking for rental properties is one of the top property portals. Rightmove is the biggest property portal in the country. While many use the website to search for properties for sale, the portal shows available rental homes as well. Zoopla is another popular portal property investors use for marketing single let properties that are available to rent. However, estate and lettings agents are only able to publish listings on both Rightmove and Zoopla.

12. OpenRent ( 

Screenshot from OpenRent website.

Image source: OpenRent

OpenRent is a platform dedicated solely to properties up for let. In order to add a property to the website, you need to create an account. There is a free package for advertising on Open Rent and paid ones that include advertising on property portals too.

Best UK Property Valuation Website

There are a number of free property valuation websites investors can use to get an estimate of what their property is worth or a property they’re interested in buying is worth. Keep in mind that a number of factors influence property values and these are only estimates. It’s recommended to get a number of valuations and to not only use virtual valuations.

13. AccuVal (

Screenshot from Accuval website.

Image source: AccuVal

AccuVal:  AccuVal provides automated property valuations. It’s the only automated valuation platform of its kind in the UK underpinned by artificial intelligence. The site provides 90% valuation accuracy in only 30 seconds. There are paid packages available. Contact AccuVal about 90-day free trials.

Estate Agency Websites:  A number of estate agency websites offer free virtual and in-person property valuations. It’s important to not only get one estate agent’s valuation on your property. Get a couple in order to get a better idea of what your property could be worth in the current market.

Property Portals:  Many of the top property portals provide free property valuations right on their websites, including Zoopla and OnTheMarket. Zoopla gives an estimated price with a low and high estimate as well. Rightmove provides the ability to get in contact with local experts to value your property, either through a video call or in person.

Best Website for UK Property Market Data

When it comes to investing in property, it’s important to do your research in regards to the property type and location you’re looking to invest in. There are websites that provide property data to help you further assess a potential property investment. These are some of the best websites for property market data.

14. plumplot (

Screenshot from Plumplot website.

Image source: plumplot

Plumplot provide area insights, which includes interactive maps, charts and ad-hoc analytics on a specific location. There is additional housing market and population data, in addition to insights on crimes, home features, income and unemployment, energy certificates and energy costs, which can all have an impact on the local property market and the success of a property investment. These are all free to use.

15. PropertyData  (

Screenshot from Propertydata website.

Image source: PropertyData

As one of the leading tools for property investors PropertyData provides analytics on the property market and can give you average prices and yield for certain locations. There are three packages available, ranging from £14 and £46 per month, and there is a 14-day free trial. There are detailed charts and graphs, and you can use their data to identify investment areas, analyse local markets, compare areas side-by-side and benchmark the rent you charge.

16. HM Land Registry (

Screenshot from HM Land Registry website.

Image source: HM Land Registry

HM Land Registry is a government department that holds ownership records for property and land in England and Wales. There is price and transaction data and information about restrictive covenants. You can also use the website to find title deeds, land boundaries and property ownership information, which can be valuable for property investors.

17. Property Investor Academy (

Property Investor Academy provides valuable insights and analytical tools for UK property investors. The website provides the professional investor with:

  • UK house price data

  • Mortgage calculators

  • Yield calculators

  • Reviews of property investing books and online course

Kaylene C Isherwood

Kaylene Isherwood is a guest writer for the Property Investor Academy.

She has extensive experience writing for a number of property investment, development, town planning and estate agent websites.

With three years of experience in covering the UK housing market and property investment sector, she has written hundreds of articles and guides for property investors. She has a BA in Communication with a minor in English: Writing.


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